There is no free energy, everything has a cost.


myth or reality?

Electronic schemes are published on the internet, which show that they can generate free energy. It is totally wrong to say that an electronic scheme can generate free energy since electronic components cost money and lately these electronic components are becoming more expensive in price. In addition to the cost of components and module manufacturing, these assemblies require time and hard work to complete.

The production of autonomous electricity at low costs using components is available to anyone, but it cannot be competitive with conventional electricity because it has no power. Conventional domestic and industrial electricity is supplied at very high powers which makes it useful, while alternating current generators produce low currents as power and are not useful in everyday life. However, these small low current generators represent a beginning and a progress for the future.

I tested 90% of the schemes on the internet that state that they are free energy alternating current generators that can be built at home and all are false or do not work. Lately, journalists have begun to randomly change the values of the original schemes to attract visitors to their pages, further altering the old schemes and claiming to produce free energy. A lot of fake videos claim to generate free energy but in the eyes of a specialist you can immediately see the fake.

There is still hope...



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