I will explain and present below the electronic diagram of the free power generator module for low currents.

I test over 5 schemes per day, each with over 50 variations of design and components for this reason I do not allow myself to make assemblies on printed wiring and only where I get very good results I will continue their technical development, until then I work in " old style " soldering the pieces directly together.

Even if the experiments look unprofessional, I guarantee that my review is a good one and I don't put those who want to continue or reproduce the experiment to spend money in vain.

In the next image you have the device "free energy" mode that should have captured the energy from the atmosphere and could light an LED. Of course it doesn't work. The diagram of this device is below:

Another FAKE generator

I worked on this scheme in vain, I also changed the capacitors and the polarity (ref. Jule Thief - Groundloop), I tried variations with different values of the components and in vain ... it doesn't work in the house.

Maybe this scheme is based on the potential difference of the atmospheric air masses present outside the house. It is observed that this scheme uses power capacitors intended for high voltages which cannot be present in a home made assembly and with radio waves that have low electrical values.

See more about this module

Obvious the origin of the fake

This is where the fake begins:

If you have a question or doubts about a scheme or about an energy generating device and you want me to test it or to help you in its construction, contact me.

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