I built this module to generate low intensity currents. Even if it is not a reliable module for energy production, I considered ensuring the stability of the current and obtaining a minimum amperage. I don't know where the module draws its current from, but I suspect that it forms a differential capacity with the Earth electric field. In this assembly, the generation of currents based on radio waves or atmospheric currents is excluded. Based on this module I managed to reach the maximum voltage of 2 Volts and a maximum amperage of 20mA. Unfortunately I tried many variations of the parts values and forgot to note what values I used to reach the maximum voltage of 2 V, I only saved the experiment on 200mV, but I leave it to you to put your imagination to work to get better results. The assembly uses an earth connection made with the help of a metal water pipe or the earthing of the socket if this is verified by measuring the resistance with a pipe that goes to the basement. The ground connection must be a good one. I also measured the earthing beforehand to see if there were any differences in electrical potential between the earthing and various objects in the house. I even measured the difference from the electrical installation of the house to make sure that I can't take the current from classic sources.

First stage of the generator use 4 signal germanium diodes 1N34A as a modulator / demodulator in case we deal with radio waves or other waves. The antenna is optional for a plus of 50 -150 mV. This module is known as a signal power collector or " power harvest ".

Next stage consist of 2 diodes 1N4148  Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier / doubling type together with another 2 capacitors: 100 pF ceramic at 50V and 100 uF micro farads at 100V, offcorse you can change and test this components with other values to obtain better results.

The next stage is a current stabilizer made by another usual diode 1N4004 and a capacitor placed between module and ground wire, the capacitor is connected with reverse polarity in  order to load the circuit. Here the capacitor is quite unusual but i have observed that the circuit drain the currents from ground. When you connect the ground to module a voltage load appear but disappear in time so i put that 4700 uF capacitor on the ground connection in order to make some kind of oscillator which opens and breaks the connection with the earth when the capacitor is full, constantly charging the circuit with current. Maybe I'm wrong here, it's just my theory.

The antenna does not give much in the house, maybe just a small surplus of current. The circuit was tested with a radio wave generator and shows no variations near them. The experiment was performed in the house, MAYBE OUTSIDE THE HOUSE OTHER RESULTS CAN BE OBTAINED.

Tired to keep trying "free energy" schemes that result in zero currents, zero voltage, I decided to continue in the development of this mini current generator. I will continue to develop this type of generator when I will have more free time at the moment I am caught with the service at work. If you have questions or a project, contact me.

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